Social Security Disability Application

How to apply for Social security disability benefits

Social Security Disability ApplicationIn normal cases, there are people who see a disabled person and assume that they were born with that condition. How wrong can such people be? There are cases whereby a normal person can encounter an incidence that cause them to be permanently or temporary disabled. Studies have shown that a significant number of workers at their current age get disabled even before getting to their actual retirement age. Despite questions raised regarding the accuracy and the credibility of the research, the study however has some truth and facts encased in it. There are cases whereby workers are either involved in tragic accidents, work injuries and mental conditions that may put them in a situation whereby they are not able to work and be efficient as before. Such a person is eligible for official social security disability application.

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How Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Basically, a person eligible for social security disability application will be required to have the necessary medical documents to show that he or she meets the disability standards. However, this kind of application can be very hard to apply for. Applicants who have successfully applied for it have experienced that there are actually a lot of hassles that an individual goes through without a hand from legal and experienced lawyers who specialize in social security disability applications.

There are basically three categories of this social security cover and they are discussed below.


Social security disability insurance commonly known as SSDI

This category of disability cover involves workers who have been working for a steady number of years and are eligible for a certain amount of benefits according to their work credit. This cover therefore does not guarantee benefits for workers who have not acquired the minimum work credit.


Supplemental security income also abbreviated as SSI

Unlike SSDI, supplementary security for income SSI covers those who don’t necessarily have long term work credit. It covers the elderly, blind and people with other legal disabilities. However, this covers is prone to several denials that might require several appeals to be accepted.


Benefits for children with disability

This is basically for children under the age of eighteen.

The above three have a very thin of separation between them despite having one thing in common. Unlike other social security covers, the social security disability application benefits a person even before retirement age. Legal organizations that specially deal with social security disability applications help people with the processing of the required paperwork, identifications evidences and the necessary elements to place the order. These evidences include medical and work documents that declare you disabled and show your work credits that qualify you for a social security disability application.

A social security disability application firm is an organization that specializes in the application for social security for disabled. Such organization are either able to ease the application by either speeding up the process or reducing the time from either a couple of years to a couple of months. When an individual decides to go on their own in the process, it will take over six months for the application to go through and wait for some couple of years for the benefits to be out. Another benefit of using legal organizations that deal specially with social security disability application is that it becomes cheaper to apply and takes a shorter time.

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